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Our store features an extensive line of complete crimp tool and wiring kits for the maintenance of all common type of aircrafts. We can even deliver the complete tool and accessory kits for the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, including the new cold crimping tools developed for Boeing’s cold crimping technology.

On this site you will find the most common kits that we have in stock or can compose within a short period of time. Through our many years of experience in the aviation industry, we are able to compose custom crimp tools and wiring kits that fits your needs. The kits can consist of crimp tools, plastic or metal install/removal tools, wrenches, cutters, positioners and so on.

Are you looking for a special tool kit, a custom tool kit ore one or more specific tools and/or accessories, please contact us for more information.

We perform all the research to gather all the tooling for your specific application. Therefore, our kits contain all the necessary tooling and accessories to connect or disconnect all the connectors in your wiring system.

The tools and accessories needed for your specific application are delivered in portable cases accommodated with foam inserts with a specific position for each tool. Therefore, your tools will be safe and well organized. All cases come with their selective charts to select the right tool and accessory for the job at hand. After usage, the tools can easily be restored properly at its own specific position.

The likelihood to forget a tool in your aircraft is therefore minimized.

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Contact us on: info@vctt.eu

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